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From Just-Getting-Started to hands-on How-To demonstrations, the best way to learn about biking is with friends. Sign up for an upcoming workshop, or request a specialized program for your staff, friends, and neighbors.

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Family Bike Expos

Try out different family biking setups and see what you like, try things you haven’t seen before, or talk with family biking parents.

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Black Lives Matter.

Familybike Seattle stands in solidarity, outrage, and action with our Black community members.

Please read our full statement on Black Lives Matter and act!

QRT Bingo

Introducing: Quarantine Relief Team Bingo

QRT Bingo Card displayed on pavement, printed on white paper in black ink.

2020 wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. Summer is sizzling along and this is not business as usual. Usually, my time at Seattle FamilyBike is spent plotting routes for Kidical Masses, signing up to talk about bikes at community events, and more than anything, connecting with people. Right now, that is not safe.

So, along with our Board of Directors, FamilyBike is launching a summer riding challenge called QRT Bingo. That stands for Quarantine Relief Team Bingo, and it’s an homage to the epic DRT (Disaster Relief Trials). This isn’t a practice run, or a hypothetical disaster anymore. The affect of the COVID19 Pandemic is widespread, and our community needs help now. Maybe you, or your family, or your business needs help. Now is the time to move toward action. It is precisely in times like these that the bicycle has time to shine.

I am so heartened to see all the wonderful stories of community connection happening as neighbors step in to help each other. I hope you and your family find the QRT Bingo just at the right moment to add your momentum- however much or little you have to contribute. It all counts. It is all just enough. As long as we keep going, together.

Download your Rule Sheet and Bingo Card HERE and let’s get excited about Summer again.

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