Black Lives Matter.

Seattle Family Biking and Family Bike Seattle stand in solidarity, outrage, and action with our Black community members. We stand behind the demands of local organizers to defund the Seattle Police Department, hold police officers accountable for displaying their badge numbers, reinvest in community support systems, end the curfew, establish a de-escalation team for SPD, and drop all charges for protesters.

We know biking while Black (like all activities) can incur police intervention and violence. We believe bikes should be for everyone and so should the streets, especially given the role of bikes in many radical, progressive social movements throughout global history. We also believe the ability to get around safely is a human right, as is the right to assemble in the streets without being pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, beaten, hit with bikes, shot with rubber bullets, or subjected to flash grenades by police. 

We recognize that organized cycling and the bike industry have long been alienating and worse to Black riders. Black people ride bikes. Black children ride bikes. Black parents ride bikes. We recognize the failure of our movement to address our racist past and our racist present and we strive to make change and be accountable.

Cycling is a tool for liberation, and as cyclists organized to share the activity with parents of young children, we have a responsibility to support the liberation of all people, and to serve as role models for our children. 

We don’t stop pedaling uphill until everyone has made it to the top. 

In solidarity,

Seattle Family Biking & Family Bike Seattle

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