Guide to Family Biking

Biking as a family can be great fun! Here we’ll cover: 

A family poses with their child in a bike seat.
A family shows off several family biking options.

Getting started: 

If you already have a bike, a good way to get started family biking may be to add a child seat to your bike, but there are lots of options: trailers, bikes built for carrying kids, and more! If you’re looking for a new way to bike with a child, or are just getting started, there are many options. Let’s help you find what works best for you!

First, you may want to think about some standard features that you may not have thought of on other bikes, such as a double-kickstand for securely loading a squirming kid (or two), integrated lights that turn on automatically, and serious brakes, to start… er, stop!

Choosing the right Family Bike can often be a discussion or a journey, but the right Family Bike can also last for several kids, and be modified over time to fit your needs.

For more on Getting Started, read on, ask around, and try out some bikes!

Kid-Carrying Options

Child Seats, Trailers and Trailer-Bikes

There are many options for carrying kids. Child Seats can attach to many bikes. Trailers and trailer-bikes can be attached and towed behind, or you can choose to start with a bike meant for carrying kids and gear.

Family Bikes

A Family Bike is a bicycle that’s built to carry cargo, and usually has specific features which allow you to carry children or seats. There are two main designs, longtails – which look like a standard bike with an extended rear rack for carrying kids and gear, and longjohns – which have a longer area in front of the rider and are often called box-bikes. There are many other variations such as Tandem Bicycles and Full-sized Tricycles, but you’ll find longtails and box-bikes to be the most common. 

Finally, Electric-Assist systems are now offered as a built-in option on many new family bikes, which are often heavier and can carry much more. If you know an assist is something you need, buying a complete e-assist family bike can be a great option. We get into more of the benefits, options, and related topics in more detail on our Family Bikes page.

Comments and Suggestions?

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