Family Biking – Child Seats

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Child Seat Basics

A Child Seat can be added to most standard bikes, most often behind the rider, but sometimes up near the handlebars in front, or in the middle between the handlebars and the rider. These seats have particular age and weight requirements depending upon the type and the way they are secured.

Front Child Seat

A front-mounted child seat attaches below your handlebars to the front of your bike. These are great for starting riding with younger kids, as you can easily check on and talk to them. 

A seat that attaches firmly and doesn’t turn with the wheel will be steadier than one which shifts. 

Make sure these work with your handlebars! Drop-bars may be difficult, but can also be changed out if necessary. 

Mid-Child Seat

The mid-mounted child seat attaches between your seat and the front handlebars. 

These can also be good for younger kids, but make sure you are able to comfortably pedal without bumping into the seat. 

There are also some options for slightly older kids who can hold on by themselves. 

Rear Child Seat

These are some of the most popular options, available for a wide variety of ages. Most attach to a rear rack, although some hook to your seat-post. 

Make sure you have a sturdy rear rack, rated to hold enough weight, and compatible with your child seat. 

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