Family Biking – In Any Weather!

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Rain cape!

Family Biking means biking with kids in a variety of weather. This can be tricky! We recommend knowing what to expect, having the right gear to stay comfortable, but perhaps most importantly, a positive attitude!

Be Prepared!

Knowing what to expect is half the battle.

Weather forecasting is tricky and imperfect. It is good to realize that forecasting isn’t assured, yet knowing the possibilities can still be very helpful. As local forecaster Steve Pool wrote “Somewhere, I Was Right“.

Checking the weather forecast with time to prepare can save you from an unexpected bad time.

Dark Sky is one example of a website and app that can warn you of impending inclement weather at your location, but many others are available. Find a forecast source that works for you, and you can start your day ready for whatever it may bring.

Start With Layers

Even if you just plan to ride in pleasant weather, you may want to bring an extra layer in case it cools off later. Layers are great for adding or subtracting – and zippers can be helpful, especially when adjusting kids without taking off helmets or straps.

If you’re leaving the house and it might rain, you may want to bring a raincoat. Layers let you adjust to unexpected or changing weather.

Rain capes and jackets

Gear That Works For You

People are different, and riding a bike can bring a completely different experience than heading out in a variety of weather on foot.

If you already have clothes that keep you warm and dry, try them while riding – but don’t hesitate to ask others what works for them!

Rain capes and waterproof shoes or coverings can help keep you dry.

Keeping Kids Happy

Keeping dry can keep you happy. This is particularly helpful for kids! Full rain suits for kids are a fantastic approach to teach your child to not just survive but enjoy nearly any weather.

There will be hiccups. A boot will fall in a puddle. The rain suit will turn out not to be fully submersible. A spare set of essential clothes can help.

Again, a positive attitude will go a long way!

Heavy Weather

What if you want to commit to year-round riding?

Frozen Bike!

There are options! Wool is still a fantastic choice to keep warm and dry. Bar mitts or pogies are a great addition. Grippier and even studded snow tires are available as well.

Riding in the snow and ice is possible, and it’s helpful to know what to expect in case of hidden ice. Taking care and riding slow can get you there.

Remember to enjoy whatever the weather – it’s fantastic out here!

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