Family Biking – Security and Locking

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Locking Family Bikes

Frame Locks!

Many family bikes are more expensive than “regular” bikes, and even those that are affordable often reflect many extra hours of customization to be set up perfectly for your needs.

With this in mind, you’ll want to securely lock them up. Bicycle Security Advocates has a great guide to Locking Your Bike which explains this really well. While you’re there, check out their guides to register and insure your bikes, steps which could be essential if anything does happen.

Here’s a short Family Bike Locking Guide!

Longer and larger bikes do present challenges in locking up, but you’ll find options to keep them safe. Larger locks are available, which can reach from a wider bike to secure your bike to a rack or immovable object. Folding locks and heavier chains make good choices for family bikes, and wheel locks are available standard on many family bikes.

Wheel locks, also called “cafe locks”, (as in “I’m just running into that cafe for a minute”) are good for securing a second wheel. Some wheel locks can attach to an optional chain to lock securely or to reach the other wheel. Locking both wheels, and the bike to something secure every time is recommended.

After all, something may come up, particularly with a kid in tow, so it’s best to lock up as if you may be a while.

You’ll also want to think about where you’re keeping your bike at home and while you’re out. Having a secure bike parking area is best, but it’s still best to lock up, even in a location you aren’t worried about.

E-bikes can have pricy components, so be extra-sure to secure a wheel with an electric motor, and lock the battery to your bike, or bring it and anything else with you that may detach easily.

With all this in mind, you may want to consider other security features, such as choosing a through-axle for wheels instead of a quick-release and having your lights and other accessories solidly mounted.

Alarms and GPS trackers are further options, however, they have yet to become standardized and commonplace. Nevertheless, new innovations are happening all the time.

What questions and suggestions do you have about securing your family bikes?

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