Kidical Mass

Upcoming Rides:

Kidical Mass Ride – Bicycle Sunday Opening Weekend!


Sunday, May 22 10am – 12:30pm (Ride starts at 10:30am)

We’ll meet up at 10:00 AM at Mt. Baker Beach parking lot. This is the beginning of Lake Washington Boulevard ‘Bicycle Weekends’ where the street is closed to motorized vehicles except for local access. We’ll decorate our bikes and the ride will depart on time at 10:30 AM. Our pace will be slow (think riders 3-6 years old), ride leaders will stop to re-group as needed. At Seward park, we’ll play, picnic, and talk about family bikes. This is a great opportunity to check out other family bike set-ups, gear, and share knowledge. The Ride – This is a flat, easy 3.1 miles (6.2 miles round-trip) ride great for newbie kids biking independently. No electric assist is needed.

Map of route:

More info for Lake Washington Blvd Bicycle Weekends:

Fill-out a Waiver Form at this link ahead of time (or we’ll have paper copies on the day-of):

Masks are optional. If you are sick, whether it’s COVID or something else, we recommend you stay home.
F-book event:

What to bring?
– Your working bikes
– Filled water bottles
– Picnic snacks/meals for adults and
– Your positive attitude
– Picnic blanket (optional)
– Camping chairs (optional)

About Kidical Mass – From Totcycle:

Kidical Mass is a fun, safe, easy-going, and law-abiding family bike ride for kids of all ages. It started circa 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, and has since spread to other bikey burgs, like Seattle!

Our monthly group rides include a nice mix of experienced cyclists, and folks just getting started. We hope to educate bike-curious parents about ways to bicycle with children, help kids learn to ride safely in the city, and increase the visibility of family biking on Seattle streets. Kids are traffic too! All manner of bikes and high-occupancy velos are welcome.

Kidical Mass rides usually involve some mix of calm streets and bike trails, and ideally culminate in treats and park adventures. We do aim for some non-confrontational public visibility, since we feel that the more people see happy families out there biking, the more will join in on the general family cycling fun, and the safer we’ll all be.

We have informal ride leaders and “sweepers”, travel slowly making sure no one is left behind, and obey traffic signs and laws. We don’t cork intersections, and are courteous to other traffic.

But most of all, we have fun! And ding our bells a lot. And generally whoop it up. See our Kidical Mass FAQ for more information.

If you’d like to use our signup form, we’ll send you ride announcements, and promise not to abuse your email address. Or you can follow us on Twitter for updates.

A brief disclaimer: These rides will be informal gatherings of family cyclists. We won’t be testing anyone’s proficiency, and only some of our leaders bother with waivers. While the spirit of our rides is to be looking out for one another, you are ultimately responsible for deciding what’s safe and appropriate for you and your family.

Big thanks to Shane Rhodes in Eugene, who manages the Safe Routes to School program there, and who started Kidical Mass in April 2008. He’s been very helpful and supportive in getting things started up here.